Services Available

Ceremony Development and Delivery

Includes ceremony structure, elements, and eulogy.  I create and deliver the story of the person that is being remembered and create an important and meaningful experience for all guests. This can be very healing to the friends and family as part of the grieving process.  


Consultation services

Consultation services are available to those who prefer to deliver  your own ceremony but need help putting it together.  


Eulogy writing services

Ghostwriting- literally. I interview you about the deceased and construct the eulogy for you to deliver. It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with writing the kind of eulogy they want to express- especially in the time of grief.  With my support- you will construct the sentiment and story you want to deliver.  

Ceremony event planning support

Planning a funeral under short notice can be overwhelming.   From finding the right venue or funeral home, creating a photo tribute, musicians, artists, caterers, and more- I provide referral and booking services. 




"I was so pleased with how my sister’s ceremony came to life. It was a great depiction of her and we heard so many people state they learned so much about her through the eulogy. You were amazing!  Your calm demeanor and gentle nods to signal the next speaker made the event flow flawlessly. I greatly appreciate all the time, effort and conversation that went into this." -JR

You did so well in signaling the speakers and reading the
Commentaries. You have a soothing and yet vivid speaking voice. - MK

"This reminded me so much of Rose and I keep thinking of the eulogy you wrote for her funeral- even years later. I still think about her ceremony and those little details that you shared was how I still remember her.” - EV