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Personalized End of Life Ceremonies

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*Now that spaces and gatherings are opening as we move forward from the pandemic restrictions- a Memorial for those lost during the pandemic can be a healing experience.  A Memorial ceremony can be a step towards closure for the bereaved, even months after the initial funeral occurred.  

We all have a story, we all have a journey. Remembering someone through their story is the key part of my ceremonies.  

Having a personalized funeral ceremony will be a healing experience.  A meaningful ceremony- especially in the time of grief- will be very impactful for loved ones.  If you have not experienced this kind of ceremony- ask your friends and family if they have and how it made them feel. 

My own experience with personalized funeral ceremonies was so fulfilling- it inspired me to want to bring this experience to others.    You never forget a ceremony like this- how it made you feel, how you remember your loved one.

The ceremony will probably create a rollercoaster of emotions- sad and bittersweet but we’ll also chuckle at a memory and nod together with a smile.  It will be an inclusive, warm, life-affirming experience for everyone-  from immediate family and close friends to extended networks and acquaintances- will all feel as part of the ceremony.  


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